After Disney…

Upon realizing we were leaving Walt Disney World for good, there were many tears shed. Despite our discussion earlier in the day (the one were I repeatedly said “hey guys, let’s get moving, this is our last day here, we want to make the most of our time here.”) the kids honestly thought we had […]


Does anyone remember this video? We came to you, our friends and family, and asked that you help serve the homeless community of Nashville by donating socks.  We could have purchased socks ourselves and taken them there, but wanted to show the kids what it was like to reach out and share a need with […]

The city, oh the city…

After leaving the Statue of Liberty we caught a ferry and headed to the city.  We disembarked the ferry and found ourselves instantly in controlled chaos.  Merchants attempted to prey upon us with their goods in hand.  Everyone was trying to sell something; paintings of the city, caricatures, CDs, scarves, and pretty much any NYC souvenir […]

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