When we started the beginning plans of our Big Trip we sat down with the kids and asked them where they wanted to visit in the USA. When Vincent was turning 5 (5.5 years ago) he requested a trip to the Statue of Liberty for his birthday. Even as an adventurous woman, I was not […]

Expiration Dates

I have this weird thing about dates.  Every time Brian has gone away, be it for a training or a year long deployment, I get excited over dates.  Towards the end of his time away I would get a little giddy seeing an advertised event that is past Brian’s expected arrival.  I loved picking up […]

My favorite part of the day

It wasn’t sorting the kids’ clothes.  Surprising, I know.  Doesn’t every mom love going through their children’s clothes, figuring out what they will need for the next 6 months (several of which they will be traveling) and getting rid of the unnecessary clothes?   It wasn’t defrosting the 8 inches of frost that has accumulated […]

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