And then we headed back to Texas….but not before exploring.

The next morning we woke up and ate one last breakfast in our hotel.  The kids got their usual waffles…     and eggs covered in whip cream.     And then we hit the road (again). After 3 days of interviewing, house hunting, exploring the Phoenix area, and spending time with relatives, we were […]

How the west won…or something like that

As per plan, we got back in Texas and began to reevaluate our next steps.  We traveled around Texas for a few months, then came back to work on our house. And Brian searched for jobs.  Every. Single. Day. There have been several interviews, and even some offers.  While a job offer is good, not […]

Rice Crispy Treats and Rocks

Sometimes homeschooling is fun.  Sometimes it feels more obligatory.  This week Brian and I have been fighting a (thankfully, minor) cold.  It isn’t wiping us out entirely, but in addition to the stress of job hunting, home repairs, and temporary living situation, we are both drained.  And I am supposed to somehow muster up enough […]

Our Disney World trip…more so the person who simplified our trip

I haven’t yet completely blogged about our trip to Disney World.  Perhaps I am still reliving the amazing trip we had, or maybe I miss it too much.  Either way, it will get done, but not today. Today I am going to tell you about Kellie Gray from Mousehunter Travels.   First of all, before I begin, […]

Ice and Snow

We traveled all over the northeast and did not see much snow or ice. We then came back to Texas and well…. It was cold when we woke up.  After days of working on the house, we decided today would be a good day to find some hot cocoa.  We thought it would be fun […]

Pit stop

When we leave a campground to head to our next destination we usually follow a plan.  We try to leave no later than 10 am so we can make our first gas stop around lunch time.  If we do so, we can, obviously, stop for lunch in addition to getting gas and using the restroom. […]

We have been exploring…

Central Texas! Ok, so we haven’t gone too far, but in between rainy days and library visits (where we could work on school) we have explored where we can. The San Marcos area has several parks.  All of them are clean and fun, many of them have trails.       We also decided to check […]

Where in the world are we?

Recently I realized many of you are wondering where we are and where we are heading. We have been a little vague regarding our current location. We arrived here in Texas just before Christmas – like literally JUST before. I had to shop for all of our presents the day before Christmas. Nice planning on […]

Wait, I didn’t send Christmas cards this year?

Since returning to Texas from the end of our trip I have had several things on my mind.  One of the things that has occupied my thoughts are Christmas cards. Yes, I just returned from a 10 week long trip and I am concerned by the fact I didn’t take the time to create and […]

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