It’s been 9 years

It was a snowy day in mid-December.  This was nothing new for Northern New York, it would be odd if it were December and there wasn’t at least a foot of snow on the ground.  We drove off in a very stuffed black SUV and an 18-month-old Vincent James.  We were headed to Texas.  Brian […]

Cows, chickens, and cats.

We have planned many activities for our trip.  When you plan a trip like this, you want to make the most of it.  However, I also desired the unexpected experiences.  This was one of those. Jay and Maria attended North Country Fellowship Church during the time we were stationed at Fort Drum.  We were part […]


Indiana recap, a few words and a lot of pictures.     Awesome time relaxing, chatting, laughing with family. Yummy home cooked meals cooked by Aunt Sherry and Uncle Phil. Eating out with Uncle Terry, Aunt Joyce, Cousin Kristen and her husband Shawn, Cousin Emily and her family (husband Patrick, kiddos Lucy and baby Lincoln), […]


Oh Iowa. I never thought I would say something like this, but I love you. I love your small towns. I love the gorgeous fall weather. The green grass. The kind people. I love it all. We came to visit Brian’s cousin, Jenny, and her family. Her husband, Nathan, is the pastor of a church […]


When we started the beginning plans of our Big Trip we sat down with the kids and asked them where they wanted to visit in the USA. When Vincent was turning 5 (5.5 years ago) he requested a trip to the Statue of Liberty for his birthday. Even as an adventurous woman, I was not […]

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