12…3….6….9… repeat

Just like a clock, I feel like I have 4 main areas I have to put my main focus on everyday.  Here is an example from today.

An evening at Cracker Barrel, by the McG crew 5

12: “Kenniston, I know that your little men (aka the golf tees that are part of the triangle game set on the table – if you are from the south and have ever been to a Cracker Barrel you know exactly what I am talking about) like to talk and jump off of the table, but they could hurt someone when you throw them so please keep them on the table.  Thank you.”

3: “Vincent that is a cool picture you are coloring, oh, it is a map and it leads to the botanical gardens…hmm, maybe you shold color some flowers to go along with it.  Yes, I will color with you.”

6: Observe Jack trying to put his straw back into his cup.  Clap and cheer as he suceeds then watch his eyes light up and smile grow to epic proportions.  Watch him repeat.

9: “Ruby, what are you coloring”  See her look up at me and smile then hear her say “tickle tickle babble babble.” and giggle then she continues to color little scribbles on her kids menu.

take a sip of my tea.  repeat.

Dinner arrives.  Dish out food for each child.

12:  “Kenniston you really seem to like your corn and carrots tonight, have you tried your mac and cheese yet?”

3:  “Yes Vincent you can go play checkers, especially seeing how you ate all of your veggies and most of your mac and cheese.”

6: “Thank you for *finally* saying please Jack.  Would you like another (as in your third) plate of food?”

9:  “Ruby you are so into staying clean tonight, though I can tell you have eaten quite a bit.” 

take a bite of my food.  repeat.  12…3…6…9 repeat…..

Still on vacation, but we will be back soon, very soon.  We have had a good time so far, but we look forward to being home sweet home.

Updated: June 4, 2009 — 5:43 am
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