It’s not you….it’s me

For the most part we have seen positive reactions when we mention our plans to travel as a family.  Occasionally there is a negative response.  I get it, this is not everyone’s dream.  I certainly don’t expect everyone to have the same ideas or dreams.

However, support and kind words are nice.  A simple “oh that is neat for you and your family.”  It doesn’t have to be your thing for you to support us.


I recently came across a blog about a family who sold most of their possessions and took off on a similar trip.  Theirs was a bit more extreme, but it was their thing.  It was what they felt led to do.  Unfortunately when they were featured on a documentary they received a lot of flack from people.  A fellow blogger and friend of hers had a fabulous response to the negative feedback.  As I read her words I received a welcome reminder that it is ok to do our own thing, even when the world does not support our every move.


Check it out Ashley’s blog post here.


Please remember, this may not be your thing and that is OK.  It is, however, ours.  Please respect that.

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Updated: July 12, 2014 — 1:55 pm

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  1. We are ourselves planning a cross country trip. Ours is shorter and less life altering than yours, but we still have nay sayers. At my physical when I told her and asked for extra scripts, she threatened to refer me to a psychiatrist. My mother however was the biggest detractor. I wrote a whole blog post about it.

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