approaching launch date. eeeeek

We have been researching the “RV life” for several months now.  Aside from joining an online forum or two, we found several blogs that we now follow.  When devouring the blogs in search of their preparations, we did not find many blog posts on those weeks leading up to their launch.

I now see why.

There is

Three weeks ago I made an appointment to have the oil changed in our van.  I knew I may forget to do so if I didn’t make an appointment at that moment.  Even the oil change today brought upon other “issues.”  They were unable to reset our van’s tire sensor, so we now have to add one more thing to our to-do list this weekend (head to a different NTB to have them reset it).   Brian and I have already checked the RV supplies to make sure we have what we need.  A few weeks ago Brian refilled our propane tanks to ensure we had all the propane we need for the road.


Other preparations that we have been working on:

  • finding a family to watch Sunshine while we are away (we found one, we drop him off this weekend)
  • restock our most used hippie oils
  •  minor repairs on our rental house
  • find hiking shoes for each child
  • make sure everyone has a jacket that fits them (yes, we did find one that was too small)
  • make final reservations for RV parks
  • dental check- ups for everyone
  • well-child check ups for all of the kids
  • purchase scout and school curriculum to use during the trip (I really hope this arrives before we leave!)
  • baptism celebration for Jack, happening this Friday
  • prepare for the fundraiser photo session I have during the trip

I realize baptisms and fundraiser photo sessions aren’t the norm for every RV road trip, but it’s been one of many things that are a part of our life right now.  We are just days away from launching…hopefully I can keep up with all of it.

Updated: December 6, 2017 — 9:05 am
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