3 more trash days

3 more Sundays of coming home and remembering to take the trash to the curb

3 more Sundays of working in church with kiddos, then coming home with my own 4 to grab a quick lunch (as quick as I can on my own), rushing to make my own lunch while getting 3 kiddos down for nap and then finally, FINALLY sitting down for a short rest so I can do it all over again on my own.

3 more Sundays of Praise and Worship with out a hand to hold or back to squeeze

3 more Sundays of grabbing just one worship guide and pen

3 more Sundays of driving thru Starbucks and ordering ONE iced Mocha

3 more Sundays of answering the question I get every single week “how much longer”

3 more Sundays of being solely responsible to get 4 kid name tags & 1 parent name tag then off to get the kids to their respective classes.

3 more Sundays of looking for A single chair available close to our good friends

I can do this, right? Just THREE more Sundays until we are this again.

I can’t wait.

kelly and brian sep 2009

Updated: December 20, 2009 — 10:30 pm
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