My Dear Beautiful, Sweet and Spunky little Kenniston Bean,

Dear dear dear Kenniston, I am writing you today, partially because your Nana insisted that I write this stuff down to remind you of it when you are older.  She said that I should tell you about a bribe that I made, even though it was technically Santa who made said bribe.  He sent you a package today.  In that package was two pair of big girl training panties and a letter.  In the letter Santa mentioned how proud he was of you for growing into such a big girl.  He also said that he knew you were ready for going potty in the toilet all by yourself.  You see my dear sweet smart daughter, you have been going poop and potty in the “big girl toilet” for almost a year and a half now, you just don’t always go.  In fact, over the past several months you have chosen to rarely go.  Some call it regressing (possibly because of the birth of your brother and sister, possibly because you are WAY too busy playing) while others call it a control thing (that might be pushing it too far though).  Either way, I know Santa knows that you can do it and knew a bigger insintive was in order.  I guess the marshmellows we were currently bribing you with just wasn’t working, though we have had full confidence in you as well.  Santa told you he would give you a new surprise present every time you went potty in the toilet for an entire day.
Today I am proud to say that you peed in the potty all day today!  All DAY today!  I just have to say I am super proud of you!  Each and every time I asked you if you had to go, you did.  You, however, did throw me for a loop when you told me you wanted Santa to bring you a nutcracker doll for your surprise.  I hadn’t planned Santa did not know you wanted one, so hopefully he will have his elves make one for you later this week (like when the snow clears and Mommy and Daddy can leave the house again).

Way to go Big Girl!  We are so proud of you!  We love you!!!

Updated: December 22, 2008 — 4:39 am
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