MckMamma did something a little different today so I played along as well!

Not My Child MONDAY

My 1 year old daughter did not riffle through the pile of laundry {that doesn’t exsist} on my couch to find her big brother’s underwear.  Nope!  And once she did not find a pair of underwear she certainly did not put them on her head and crawl/walk around with them.  No, and I wouldn’t have evidence of it either. 

My 3 year old daughter definitly did not get into my friend’s son’s fabric markers (read: does not wash off!) during a bbq recently.  She also did not color all over herself and her shoes with the markers that she did not find. 

My twin babies (er 1 year olds) did not unload a box of wipes while giggling.  Even if they I had I would never pick them up off of my living room floor and put them back in the box, no, that would be just dirty!

Jack, you know, the 1 year old baby, did not find his older sister’s Croc while I was in the bathroom and proceed chew the heck out of it in hopes of getting some relief from teething pain.  He knows better than that and would never do that!

While at Forza after our bike ride, my 5 year old son definitly did not throw a huge (of epic proportions!) conniption fit because his gelato did not have a spoon in it (yet).  Nope, he did not yell, jump around spastically and act like a 2 year old in public.  Not my little angel.  His Mommy did not take away the privledge of said gelato after the melt down (did not) happened. 

Updated: July 21, 2009 — 6:49 am
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