Hi everyone! I finally convinced mommy to let me tell y’all how we have been doing. She told me that a lot of people have emailed her asking about baby Sweet Pea and I, so I thought I would fill you in on our life right now. We are still in Texas. Texas is a lot more fun than New York!

For those of you that need a refresher on our situation, here it goes:
After packing up our entire house, we packed Mommy and Daddy’s car full and we all drove here to TX and Daddy flew to MD for training. Daddy will be back in a few weeks, in the meantime Mommy and I are visiting Nana and Papa Scott. It is hard for Mommy to get on the computer because I share a bedroom with her computer. I am usually a pretty good sleeper, but sometimes her clickty clacking from all that typing wakes me up. So please understand why she hasn’t been on much lately.

We are having a good time staying busy while Daddy is gone. Mommy has found something for us to do everyday! On Monday we visit the Children’s Museum. Mommy and I usually meet up with my friend Taylor and his mommy, but now that Mommy keeps meeting new people I think I will have a lot of friends join me in the future. Tuesday and Wednesday we go to storytime. This is one of my favorite activities. I know all of the words to the songs we sing and I love to sing them through out the week with Mommy. Right now my favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus.” I really enjoy singing “the horn goes beep beep beep.” Mommy started a play group for me on Thursdays. She has met a lot of other nice mommies at our church and other places that we go to. Mommy and I will both be sad when we have to say good-bye to these friends.
Unfortunately Mommy has been told by her doctor to take it easy. She got dizzy this weekend and almost passed out. Thankfully Nana and Papa Scott came along soon afterwards and played with me so Mommy could rest. Daddy is glad that Mommy has finally decided to listen to the doctor and get some rest.

I know that Mommy usually brags a little about me and tells you my newest development. Well, I have discovered a lot this past week! I sang the alphabet song with Mommy (and knew all the letters!), I counted to ten all by myself and I now know the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and black. Sometimes I get pink and purple mixed up, but I usually get those right as well. Brown is still kind of hard to distinguish for me there are way too many shades to get it for now. I also love pointing out shapes. Lately I have been pointing out diamonds, particularly on pictures of kites. Nana bought me a really cool puzzle that has shapes on it. I learned all 9 pretty quickly! Right now Mommy is teaching me oposites. We have worked on over and under, in and out, off and on, big and little, up and down, high and low, whisper and shout, and a few others.
It is way past my bedtime so I should probably go to bed. Please pray for Mommy and baby Sweet Pea, I am a really good kiddo, but after all I am a toddler and I love to move around a lot. Mommy could really use the rest.

Updated: February 14, 2006 — 12:45 am

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