Here are Vincent’s greatest and latest interests:

  • Finding the numbers 8 & 9 as well as any letters that he recognizes (usually N, O, V, A, B, C, S, H, and X….probably more, but I can’t remember them all)
  • Saying the word “snowing”
  • Giving baby kisses
  • Dancing and instruments (especially guitars and drums)
  • Fingerplays/songs
  • Ceiling Fans and circles (both of which he calls “dound and dounds” AKA round and round)
  • “Unk Bubba” we have been showing him pictures of all of his relatives that live out of state, but he really loves his uncle Bubba (my brother)
  • Tickling and being tickled, this is still fairly new, but really funny
  • Bubbles! Holy cow this kid goes crazy over them and is always trying to blow them by himself
  • Brushing his teeth…been doing this since he cut his first tooth, but now he LOVES it!
  • Elmo, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Big Bird. He watches a very limited amount of TV, but his favorite show is Sesame Street.
  • Sledding. We took him today for the first time and he did not want to come back inside.
  • Construction Trucks. He can show you what each one does (digger, front end loader, cement mixer etc).
  • Riding his bike, carting it around the house, pushing it, etc. He just learned how to actually move his feet to “ride” it and now that he knows he loves that thing.
  • Fruits and Veggies. I swear we did not purposefully create a vegan baby, but he seems to be heading that way. It really isn’t a bad thing I suppose.

And now for the not so greatest…things he doesn’t care for:

  • He is scared of bubbles blown from bubble gum
  • He does not know what to think of our Christmas choo choo train
  • He hates walking in snow deeper than an inch or two and he hates falling down in it (even with all of his snow gear)
  • Meat, the poor kiddo is going to be anemic if he doesn’t start getting more protein.
  • Being in the car for more than an hour or so (Thank GOD for portable DVD players!!)

Check out the photo page soon, we will be updating it before the weekend hits!

Updated: November 25, 2005 — 4:22 pm
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