I still find myself constantly amazed at Vincent. I have been a nanny for years, went to college and studied child development, studied several dozen children, taught child & parent education classes and I stand in awe over my own son. I am sure I will do the same for any other children that come after him as well (when they come).
His favorite thing this week: doing a somersault. He loves when I help him to roll forward. He lands on his back and lies there with his face thought induced ready to get up, play, and then try it on his own. When I see him do this I have to come over and ask “do you want Mommy to help you roll again,” in fear that he might roll onto his neck if he was left completely on his own to try. Sometimes I find him rolling on his side in an effort to do his new trick.
He is getting more laxed on saying please. Lately I have been in a lot of stress over a number of things, so I haven’t been requiring it as much. Both Brian and I have been making a conscious effort to enforce our rules again.
Sleeping and eating habits have remained on schedule, other than that, our life is a little chaotic. Brian has been home for 3 weeks now, and he will be home for another 3. He took some much needed vacation time and then he had 2 surgeries. Before that he was working half days if even that. We love having Daddy around, but we are trying to take advantage of this time with him and it has caused our household to be a little crazy. I think that is the motto of our life, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.
New pictures are coming. We had some problems with photoshop the other night, so we didn’t get to finish up. Hopefully we will have more up this week.

Updated: August 7, 2005 — 2:12 pm
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