Vincent will be 11 months in 2 days. I think he is around 20 lbs and around 301/2″ though he might be losing weight because he hasn’t been eating much lately.
When asked what the following animals say he says “baa,baa” for sheep, moo/boo combo for cow, eaahhh (aka meow) for cat, smacks lips for fish, “uck, uck” for duck, and pants for doggy. When he wants me to sing “baa, baa black sheep” he will show me two fingers and say “baa,baa.” He does a little bit of that song and itsy bitsy spider….sometimes even the wheels on the bus. He loves to basically sing, dance, clap and do finger plays. He is such a great help at clean up time.
Vincent is a book boy. He will sit and pull out book after book from his basket for hours on end. That is actually a really good thing!
Lately he has been extra loving. When he gives kisses he loves to give at least three at a time. Sometimes he even thinks it is funny to grab my hair and kiss me. It is realy sweet.

Updated: June 7, 2005 — 9:04 pm
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