Wow what a week. This past Sunday, at around 4am, Vincent woke up. He didn’t look that great, but he seemed to want a bottle. I gave him one and he drank a few ounces. A few minutes later he threw it up. The throw up continued off and on for several hours. It was a miserable day. I took him back to the doctor’s office on Monday and it turns out he has a stomach bug AND his Croup turned into Bronchitis. The poor guy is just having all sorts of problems. He was unable to drink any milk (breast milk or formula) until Tuesday, even then he only had a few ounces. Wednesday he was throwing up again. Today he seems to be worse. He has been on antibiotics since Monday, I thought for sure he would be a little better by now.
*sigh* I have definitely earned my title as Mommy. A year of raising our son by myself and dealing with all that I have been given, heck I deserve a cruise. Hmmm, maybe I will get that for Mother’s Day…..

Updated: May 5, 2005 — 7:24 pm

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