Well, Vincent now has 6 teeth! The other one came in sometime today. He has been fussy off and on and I can now see why! He has been wanting to eat whatever I am eating lately, but then he wants to go back to regular baby food. I have been offering him both at mealtimes. I now feed him two bottles a day and I hope to wean him completely by June.
Vincent now weighs 17 pounds 9 ounces and he is 29 inches tall. He has been trying to walk lately, however I am not pushing that. The other day he tried to walk from the coffee table to our entertainment center. He had his hand reached out for it and kept tapping his foot to make him go. He finally plopped himself down and crawled over to the entertainment center.
In the bathtub he loves to pull himself up, stand, and then fall to his bum. He laughs hysterically and then does it all over again! He is never ending entertainment. One of his newest favorite things is shutting doors. He crawls around the house shutting the door to all of our rooms. If I come into the office he crawls right behind me and tries to close the door, the bathroom – ditto, his bedroom – ditto. Every time I open the fridge he races over to close that too. It is funny.
Lately he has been testing his boundaries. If I tell him to be gentle with my hair (and then show him how to be gentle) he will be crazy rough and look at me as if to say “and what if I don’t?” I usually keep repeating myself and he is gentle. Finding patience in this area is something I have been praying about A LOT lately!!!
It seems like he does something new or tries something new everyday! I try to show him new things or keep him active everyday just so he doesn’t get bored and spend the whole day testing me. Today we went swimming. I plan on going at least once a week now that we are back in NY.
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Updated: April 15, 2005 — 9:24 pm
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