Well it seams like Vincent does something new everyday! Today while I sat on the ground beside him he pulled himself up to his Leap From table. He had pulled himself up on several things previous to this, but not that high! And when he did, he needed my help. Boy was I surprised to look next to me and see him standing up!
He also waves a lot nowadays! Today at storytime a young toddler aged girl came up to him. After I said “this little girl came to say hi” Vincent put up one arm and waved to her! He loved playing with her! We met some other new mom’s and will be joining their playgroup next week!
Enjoy the new pics and videos! I am so glad to have had a little bit of extra time to be able to do that! Once we get back to NY and our computer is back in our office (instead of a shared bedroom) I will be able to update the page more frequently. I will be able to do a lot of things! *sigh* I love visiting friends and family, but I really miss our home.

Updated: February 23, 2005 — 11:24 pm
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