I have more time to give a complete update on Vincent…..

A lot has happened lately.
Friday afternoon while I was putting away some clothes Vincent pulled up (on his crib) for the first time. Up until then he had pulled up on things and gotten up with someones help. He has continued to pull up on everything in sight.
Saturday night as we were leaving my grandparents house Vincent waved “bye bye” for the first time.
Then today he signed “please” for the first time! That is his first sign that he has used.
He loves for me to put my hands out so he can pull himself up to a standing position. Today while standing at the couch he turned around and grabbed the coffee table. He can “walk” forward when I assist him, but I think the walker is too fast for him for now. I am in no big hurry for him to walk right now. He does get around just fine.

Updated: February 17, 2005 — 11:51 pm
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