I don’t often come out and ask for prayer, but I am now. Vincent, as you might have read, has an ear infection. Sometimes a bad cold accompanies an ear infection. Well, Vincent has been hit hard with a cold. Today it was bad. When I gave him his medicine he started to gag. Mom and I grabbed him out of his highchair and turned him upside down so he would cough up the stuff in his throat to breath. When we did that we discovered that he had pooped up his back (he hasn’t done that in months, but due to the mucus he has yucky poops again). So mom and I took him to the bedroom to get him changed. As I was getting his new diaper ready and mom was gathering entertainment, Vincent hopped up on all fours and was ready to crawl. Mom and I both gasped in excitement and scared him. Mom ran to the bathroom to get his bath ready. Meanwhile, he started to cry, which lead to him gagging, which lead to him choking. I really felt bad. He ended up spitting up all over me and the floor. By the time my mom came back we were both a mess…me with spit up/squash chicken/carrot juice/mucus all over me and Vincent with snot all over him. *Sigh* Parenthood was not meant to be a single person thing.

So anyway, back to my original prayer request…Just please pray for a speedy recovery for Vincent. He sounds miserable. He is coughing a lot more and his nose is constantly full, I don’t see how the poor guy can breath. He hasn’t been eating nearly as much and he can’t stand to lose weight. He has already slipped back to below the 10th percentile again. He has remained very active despite being sick. So active in fact that it remains hard to accomplish much during the day. It is almost midnight and I am just now settling in for the night. Oh well.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Updated: January 19, 2005 — 11:42 pm
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