Three big things that I am on the verge of:

Getting my first tooth


Waving bye bye

I have an actual nubin on my gum. I have drooled more than usual (if that is possible) for the past 3 or so days. Today while Mommy and I were driving to the post office to mail Daddy a package I got really fussy and screamed out a few times. And tonight I have woken up from sleep crying twice already. Other than that I have had a great day.

I can get up on all fours and scoot forward just a tad. Mommy, Nana Kat, Great Mamaw & Papaw all get excited and cheer. All I do afterward is kick my legs like mad in excitement.

every time we go somewhere Mommy (and whoever else is around) makes a big deal about “going bye bye.” They all wave their hands at me and Mommy will grab my hand and show me how to move and wave it. Well yesterday as we were leaving my great Mamaw and Papaw’s house I worked with my hand and it moved around kinda like they were doing it (not just spontaneously). Maybe I will do it exactly like they do it someday soon too.

So many things going on for me….maybe that is why I took a three hour nap this morning.

love, v

Updated: January 6, 2005 — 1:29 am
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