Vincent met Santa Claus today. When I first sat him down on the jolly old man’s lap, Vincent reached out for his beard. He pulled his hand back and decided to stick it in his mouth instead. We got a great picture of him smiling and all. I have to scan it and put it on the site. For now I put a picture that I took. You could only take a picture *if* you bought a picture from the company (you actually bought a package). At $20 a picture it was highway robbery. But, hey, it was worth the memory.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve as you all know. As a kid and even an adult I so looked forward to waking up and opening presents that were under the tree. This year however, I can’t wait to watch Vincent open his. I realize that I will atually be opening most of his (although he does enjoy grabbing and tearing paper). I am excited about all of the great things he will have to play with (as if though he doesn’t have enough). At first I will probably play with them more than he does….

Updated: December 23, 2004 — 11:19 pm

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