I now play with every toy on my Exersaucer! I was only able to reach some of the teething toys but I can now squeek the fish, ring the crab bell, grab the whales tail, and reach all of the teething toys with out any help! I still love to walk around in circles too.

I love playing so much infact, that I have been fighting naps. The funny thing is, sleep always wins in the end. Tonight Mommy and I did my normal bedtime routine (eat, bath, massage & cuddle time). Mommy will usually nurse me and cuddle until I fall asleep, but I kept opening my eyes looking for something to do. Mommy cuddled a little bit longer, said “I love you” and then put me in my bed still awake. She stayed right outside my door and heard me “singing” (aka kinda fussing). Then I got quiet. When she came in a little while later I was asleep on my tummy! This was new for me. I am not a “newborn” any more. I am a full blown rollin’ around, curious, put everything in my mouth, drooling, squeeling, belly sleeping infant. Mommy put me back on my backside (she still worries about SIDS) and kissed me one more time. I think she is a little sad because I am growing up, but I have to at some point.

Updated: November 30, 2004 — 10:14 pm
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