Today we spent the day with Kayla, Daddy’s second cousin. She is nice. She likes to carry me around and play with me. We went to Starbucks and hung out, then we went to the pet store. I loved watching the birds.

We went to lunch with Grandma. Mommy fed me solid food at the restaurant. I ate a little bit, but lately I haven’t been wanting it as much. Maybe Mommy is feeding it to me too much, maybe I am just being stubborn like Daddy. Who knows.

Today I had a few sudden outburst of tears. Mommy was worried, she thinks that my teeth are trying to break through my gums. I let her cuddle with me a little more this evening. Toward my bedtime I got really silly.

On another note…Mommy cut her hair yesterday. I guess she didn’t like me pulling on her hair too much. I think she didn’t like dealing with it in the morning either. I like it better now, especially because it is still long enough for me to pull.

Updated: November 24, 2004 — 2:40 pm
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