What an exciting day!

Vincent has been a super drool baby lately, on top of that he has been chewing away at his fingers…all signs of a teething baby. Tonight my friend Laura asked if he had any teeth showing yet and I told her that as of this afternoon I hadn’t seen any yet. She took a look at his bottom gums and sure enough, you can see a little white speck. My son is getting his first tooth!

I am really excited, but boy do I feel for him. He is such an incredible baby! He has only had one day of fussiness and that didn’t even last that long. I will post pictures on the site again soon.

I will be living in our house again next week, but only for a night or two. Then we head to Texas. Once in Texas, I will resume the updating of pictures and whatnot.

Housing is finally going to take care of our mouse problem. They are going to fill our holes while we are gone and an exterminator will catch the mice still living in our home.

Updated: October 6, 2004 — 10:23 pm

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