Vincent seems to grow and do more everyday….

Every time Brian and I put him in his swing (so we can eat dinner) he talks as he watches his fish go round and round. He is usually content for most of our meal!

He is laughing a lot more now days too. He will usually only laugh at a “trick” once. If you try to recycle it, he just looks at you like “you already did that one.” Then again, he laughs at weird things…I was talking to my mom and the phone while holding Vincent up so he could stand. As I talked to my mom he stared at me and then kept laughing. He is a funny baby.

I can’t believe that he is already wearing 3-6 month clothing, and he has even outgrown some of those! He is way too tall to wear anything else.

Updated: September 21, 2004 — 9:58 pm
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