Wow, in just a few hours Vincent will be 8 weeks old! People keep telling me that they grow up quickly, and I believe it. We had a great day today. Vincent really loves when I sing and talk to him. Most of the time he will smile back at me and eventually laugh. Today he was laughing so much that he got the hiccups. They still take him by surprise, it is funny to see his eyes pop open when the first hiccup hits. We were in the mall and I just sat there and played with him like no one was around. He loved it.

Well, this weekend Brian should be home for a 2 week break. I am really excited that he finally gets to meet Vincent. I have always believed that Brian would make a wonderful father and now he finally gets to do so. I have such a wave of emotions flowing through me right now…I look forward to so much!

Updated: September 2, 2004 — 11:48 pm
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