Junebug sweetie, you and your daddy have to deal with a lot right now! We have tried all the “recommendations” from friends, websites, and books on natural labor inducers. Everyday I have been making very spicy foods for just about every meal. Tonight I added a lot of spices to our Mexican meal, I even put extra jalepenos on my dinner! I hope you like them when you come out!

Not much progress to report today. We went to Utica yesterday and I had contractions all day long. Today I did a ton of stuff around the house, but not nearly as many contractions. Junebugs movements have slowed down a lot, but that is supposed to be normal once labor is near. He or she is still moving, so I am not concerned. I will continue to keep this blog updated. Please keep us in your prayers…specifically that Brian will not be deployed before Junebug comes out!

Updated: June 6, 2004 — 9:16 pm
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