With my beautiful wife still in the 80-degree paradise of Austin, I’m back once again to give you a 26-week update:

The baby’s living quarters are getting pretty snug these days. Measuring from head to toe, he/she is probably around a foot tall and very likely weighs in at over two pounds. Most of this gain has been in bone and tissue. Junebug is still quite slender, with very little body fat. Fat will be laid on during the third trimester, the better to keep him/her warm when he/she leaves the climate-controlled comfort of the womb. To support the baby’s growing body, the spine is getting stronger and more supple. Though no longer than the span of the average adult hand, it is now made up of 150 joints and some 1,000 ligaments.

The baby is getting more sensitive to sound, as ear nerves are developing even more. Kelly has already been playing a CD I made for Junebug. The CD features my voice reading children’s stories and singing songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Hopefully, the baby will be responsive to my voice once he/she is born.

Updated: March 24, 2004 — 7:20 pm

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