Kelly is in Austin until early May, and doesn’t always have access to the web, so I am updating for her…

The baby’s lungs are now able to work outside of the uterus, but the baby is still fine tuning the organs so lets hope it stays in there until June 30th! Kelly tells me there’s a LOT of kicking, some of which can now be felt at least once a day on the outside. I really wish I could be down in Austin to feel it. I guess Junebug is enjoying his/her first trip to the Lone Star state. The baby now weighs approximately one and a half pound and is about 12″ long.

I miss Kelly so much, but I also miss Junebug too. I plan on getting down there around the time of our wedding anniversary (22 April). Can’t wait!

Updated: March 11, 2004 — 1:08 pm
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