I have been VERY busy lately! This was my last week of classes before the summer and I have been packing to get ready for my trip to Austin (I leave tomorrow and come back in May). So once again I am behind!

I am almost through with my 23rd week. I had an u/s and a doctor’s appointment Tuesday 24 February. First of all, the u/s was so long! The baby was very active and kept moving (he or she has been moving like crazy the last few days!). So we got to see our little Junebug for a total of 45 minutes – yippee!

Then came our doctor’s appointment. My doctor is a big man who is very nice. We had mentioned that we didn’t want to know the gender but…..when he checked the baby’s heartbeat with his little doppler machine, he said it looks like it will be a GIRL! I am still not holding my breath to that though. His or her heartrate was 147, which is fast & generally that points to a girl, HOWEVER – he also said that when the baby moves a lot it’s heart rate goes up a bit and it could just be a very active boy. I still had to fight the urge to shop for girls clothes until I dropped!!! All in all it was a really great visit. The doctor said that I am right on target – 21 weeks and 6 days as of Tuesday (actually it is behind by one day, but that is ok).

PS. We posted picturs from the Ultra Sound on the u/s & photo page, check them out!

Updated: February 27, 2004 — 12:24 pm
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