I just started my 18th week today! Wow, I am already 4 1/2 months along…and only 22 more weeks to go.

Junebug: (this might be kinda gross…) Vocabulary word of the week: meconium. This black goo, (baby’s first feces), is the product of cell loss, digestive secretion and swallowed amniotic fluid. As my pregnancy progresses, meconium begins to accumulate in baby’s bowels. It will appear–usually after birth, though occasionally in utero–as Junebug’s very first poop!

Until birth, though, Junebug remains firmly attached to my placenta via his or her umbilical cord, which is growing thicker and stronger, thanks to the blood and nutrients constantly rushing through it. The baby’s skeleton is transforming from soft cartilage to bone. These bones remain flexible, though, so that this precious package can pass more easily through the birth canal.

Me: I have found my self constantly hungry and I have been eating nonstop! I fully expected to gain about 10 pounds this week, but so far I haven’t gained an ounce. As I mentioned previously, it looks like I swallowed a cantaloupe. I posted a picture on the u/s & photo page so you can see how my belly is growing. The picture was taken today (20 Jan 2003) We are going to try and update it at least once a month.

Updated: January 20, 2004 — 10:12 pm

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