Ok – Just got off the phone with my doctor’s office, I had a few questions that I had to ask the nurse.

First of all, I am technically “in my 13th week” of pregnancy. Lara, my sister in law, and I had a discussion about this a few weeks ago – long story. I will technically be in my second trimester when I finish my 13 week! Yeay, I am starting out the New year in my second trimester.

Secondly…After viewing my ultrasound the doctor changed my due date to July 9 2004. But since it didn’t change it by more than two weeks he is leaving the June 29 2004 date as my due date. Ok, that is goofy, but whatever. I know when I ovulated, I have been charting these things, but I am not a doctor so what do I know?

I also asked about highlighting my hair (important issue) when I go back to Texas – because I have to see my Cameo!!! The nurse said that as long as I do it after my second trimester it will be fine! So that was really good news!

All of this was probably rather boring and useless info, but I just had to share!

Updated: December 18, 2003 — 1:40 pm
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