Week 10 here we go!

For the next several weeks Junebug will be a fetus (last week was the end of the period of the “embryo”)! By the end of this week, Junebug will have verifiable fingers and toes. Junebug is starting to look like a “baby” and not like a tadpole, the tail is completely gone! Eyelids fuse and will stay shut until weeks 25 to 27. Both the external ear and upper lip are complete. I have read that sounds can be heard starting this week, so we are gong to start reading to the baby at night! Junebug is now 1- 1 1/2 inches long and weighs in at a hefty four grams!

With the possibility of Brian leaving in March (for a deployment) I have decided to return to the homeland (aka Texas). I have spoken to a few people and have a great list of possible doctors to visit while I am there. A friend of mine, Jennifer, has even offered (and is very excited about it!) to go to my lamaze classes with me. Being pregnant so far from home, family, and friends has been extremely difficult. Brian is a great husband and a wonderful partner, but having a large support group of family and friends around will really help me fight the loneliness!

On another note….I have noticed my tummy expanding as it has for the last few weeks, so last night I was poking around and I noticed that it is hard! It is kinda cool to actually feel my uterus. I can’t wait to start showing!

Updated: December 3, 2003 — 10:24 am
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