Well I got my email 8 week pregnancy update today. First of all I can’t believe that I has been almost 4 weeks since we first found out that we were pregnant.

A few things about me (@ 8 weeks pregnant): my nails are growing rapidly, thanks to the prenatal vitimens filled with folic acid!!! I still fight nausea through out the day. The morning is getting a little worse, that might have to do with my Iron supplements that I am taking. After months of cutting back the carbs to lose weight, I have found comfort in the fact that they don’t make me ill. Now is not the time to “diet,” so I have told myself it is ok to eat bread, cereal and pasta 🙂 I am tired at night usually around 9pm now too. I try to get 9 hours of sleep/day, and I have taken an occasional 30 minute nap if I can. Car rides are still a problem. I pray that I do ok in the 11 hour road trip to IN for Thanksgiving!

A few things about Junebug: Junebug’s brain is rapidly growing this week! I have made a concious effort to increase my Omega 3 fatty acid intake. That is supposed to help a growing brain! Also Junebug’s heart is begining to separate into four chambers, and blood is circulating throughout the body. Intestines form within the umbilical cord, but will later migrate back into the abdominal cavity. In the next few days, foot plates, with the beginnings of toe rays, will appear. The external ears are now present. The cells that will become either testes or ovaries arrive, but there is no obvious sign of gender yet. Muscle contractions are now evident, but these early “movements” are not yet perceptible. Apparently Junebug is the size of a cherry, which is almost double the size of last week!

Updated: November 17, 2003 — 5:54 pm
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