Today started out pretty crummy, but has really turned out quite nice! It actually started yesterday when I didn’t eat enough. I am constantly hungry, but my appitite is gone. So yesterday I ate very little and went to bed very hungry. This morning I woke up so hungry that I could barely make breakfast. I felt so dizzy and nauseaus that I could hardly move. I scarfed down some food and then ate some bread praying that the sick feeling would go away (far away!). I almost cancled my class this morning but I decided to go and it went well. Afterwards I drove in the 60 mph winds and snow to go to post to pick up Brian and then to my first u/s appointment.

Seeing Junebug on the screen was unreal! Although it was a little fuzzy, you could see everything! The woman administering the procedure pointed out the head, heart, yolk sac, and feet. The heart has 2 chambers already AND Junebug’s heart rate is 130, right on target! I just can’t tell you how amazing that was. And to see Brian’s face was cool too! He was very excited. I am still on post right now, I have to wait for Brian to set off work and do some other things. However, later tonight we will post a pic from the u/s.

Updated: November 13, 2003 — 3:42 pm
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