I have a doctors apointment!!! It will be Thursday November 6 @ 1:00pm. This is supposed to be a really long apointment, I have to inform the doctor of my medical background and do some blood work. My mom has warned me about diabetes and high blood pressure in our family, hopefully neither of those will cause problems for my pregnancy! I have been on a pregnancy diet for a while and I have added more exercise to my routine to help avoid any complications!

I feel myself worrying over every little ache and pain anywhere on my stomach….it is kinda silly if you think about it. Unfortunatly I have gas *yuck* after every time I eat. I go for walks 4 days a week and that usually helps.

Well I am off to Syracuse with Brian. We are trying to go as often as possible before it snows. We are excited to look at baby stuff and maternity stuff.

Updated: November 1, 2003 — 8:18 am
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