Well everyone here we are–soon to be parents. I actually had a “trying to conceive blog,” but apparently that didn’t last very long. LOL We are really excited about this and are glad that you are too! Let me tell ya a little bit about how we found out…..

Wednesday I got a little impatient and decided to take a test mid-afternoon (instead of first thing in the morning like the instructions recommend). I got the faintest of faint lines. When Brian got home I told him…..despite my vow to myself that I wouldn’t…heheheh

He really didn’t believe it just yet and told me to take another one the following morning. Needless to say I COULD NOT sleep that night!

Thursday 4:30 AM Brian is standing over me, he just woke up to get ready for work, and he is saying “honey, you gotta pee? you gotta pee?” It was too cute. So after only 3 hours of sleep, I mustered up enough urine to take the test. This time the line was darker and you could see it plain as day. We still weren’t sure….call us skeptics. So I tried to sleep again, but no luck. Four hours after taking the first test I took another one. We are skeptics and obsessive compulsive. This time the line was darker and unmistakably there. So we were finally convinced. I think Brian was convinced a little earlier….like when the moodiness hit…lol The nausea started this past weekend, the hunger hit Friday morning (like a ton of bricks), the back aches came around recently, and other things have been lingering for a few days as well.

So I started the process to see a doctor. The Army makes you go on post, pick up a “pregnancy kit” (basically a brown bag with a urine cup and paperwork), go home and pee in a cup the next morning, drop the kit off back on post, wait until the next day to find out your results (three home tests CAN’T be wrong), and then you can go in and set up appointments. What an ordeal. So as soon as I find out more detials I will share them with you!

Thanks for all your prayers and love!

Updated: October 28, 2003 — 2:36 pm
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