A BIG suprise!

Knowing that Brian could not take much back to Honduras with him, I wanted to give him a gift that he could enjoy while he was in Texas.  After talking to my mom, I planned surprise weekend away from the kiddos.  Brian knew nothing about it!

The plan was for us to go to mom’s house so we could “have lunch with her” after church.  Before leaving our house I packed bags for the kids so we could have pjs with us “in case we stayed late.”  Yes, this involved a lot of planning!!

When we got there she told Brian that she needed him to take the kids’ carseats out of her car.  I went to go help…

This was taken just before I said

  Just before this picture, I told him “hey, let’s just take off, mom won’t notice we’re gone, she’s busy making lunch.”  He giggled, then bent over to get the carseats out.  I jumped in the front seat with my purse and shut the door and hollered for him to come with me.  At first he said “is this a joke?”  I told him was not and that we were about to leave for the night with out the kids!

He was pretty overcome with excitement, but had to go tell the kids goodbye first!  After that we were off to Austin!  I had saved up the money I made from my Christmas photo sessions and told Brian that we could go where ever he wanted!

First we headed to Threadgills, a fairly famous Austin restaurant, for lunch.

He chose #threadgills for lunch. #dang #goodstuff #austin #atx

We went there! #threadgills #yummy

We spent the rest of the day being a kissy-poo young-in-love couple exploring Austin!  Sans kids!

Kissy face #austin #soco

We checked out Toy Joy, a funky toy store near the University of Texas.

Tour of #austin date continues...

We ended our night at Kerbey Lane, the restaurant we went to the night we met.  It was an awesome end to our night!

Ending our night with #kerbeyqueso #kerbeylane #austin

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