A boy and his Bible

On Sundays we started going to a Bible study geared toward the military. My friend, Robyn, invited us and we have been going for a few weeks. I love that they have a Bible study for the kids as well, sort of like a Sunday school bonus. Last week they gave the older kids a Bible.

The next day I was doing laundry and I heard Vincent say from the living room “see it says right here Kenniston, for God so loved the world…” I stopped to see what he was doing and found him reading to his little sister from his new Bible. It was such a sweet tender moment between the two. As I grabbed my camera the two discused the Bible, but by the time I was able to turn the camera on, it had passed. I was able to grab a shot of her getting up to walk away. However, for the next half hour or so, Vincent sat there and read his Bible. Sometimes he read out loud, but he also read to himself.


It warmed my heart to see him sitting there taking such an interest in his Bible. I hope and pray that this is something he continues to do his entire life.

Updated: February 25, 2010 — 8:46 am
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