A couple o’ quotes tonight

Abe Lincoln said “Four score and seven years ago…”

I say “Four kids and 13 years ago….Brian and I met (at Starbucks).”

We had to go celebrate 13 years of greatness. Where did we celebrate? Where do *you* think?



Jesus said “It is Finished.”

I say “We are done.”

Done with what you may ask. Equity, post housing management company. Military housing and all that it entails. I know it is better than what we could be living in. I know that it has improved over the years. I know that their standards are different from those of other places. However…compared to what we are living in now, we paid WAY too much for what we got. I am thankful for those 3 years and 10 months, but as Jesus once said, we are finished. Out of post housing.

Now, I am elated to live where we do and I pray that everyday I find myself as thankful as I am right now.

Updated: March 17, 2010 — 6:55 am
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