A day at the pool

Today we spent a good part of the afternoon at the local kiddie pool.  Our kids love spending time at the pool and today was no exception.  Even though I am going to vent, I don’t want to let it negate any of the fun the kids had.
Here is the thing, when I am with the kids I watch them like a hawk.  I am constantly counting kids, making sure they are safe, making sure they are being nice, and of course making sure they are having fun.  When we arrived at the pool the twins had to be nursed.  I quickly got the big kids ready and let them get in the pool while I nursed the twins just feet away from the pool.  I hadn’t been nursing for more than 2 minutes when I heard Kenniston crying.  I saw her trying to retrieve her princess kick board from another pre-schooler.  This is common in kids this age, so I kindly went over and asked the girl to give it back and she did quickly.
Less than 5 minutes later I look up and a 6 or 7 year old boy is grabbing the board from Kenniston and now she is in all out tears.  I jumped up and said to the boy “Please do not take toys from little kids, that is just not nice.  Leave them alone!”  I looked around and no parent around even so much as looked at this child.  If he were mine I would have been embarrased!  By that age a child should definitly know how to act appropriately, taking a toy from a 2 year old is definitly not appropriate!  After that retrieval I sat down with Kenniston and taught her how to speak up should it happen again.  I told her to firmly say “STOP! Please don’t do that.”  After she repeated it several times back to me I knew she would be ok. 
I am not usually one to anxiously wait for a breast feeding session to get over with, but today I was.  After I nursed and let the twins drift off to sleep I pushed the stroller over to the pool side and hung out with the big kids.  Kenniston throughly enjoyed pouring water over my head at one point.  She laughed hysterically after shocking me.  She is such a little stinker at times.  Vincent made new friends, which seems to be a new thing with him.  I have yet to find a way to tell him it isn’t always appropriate.  The poor kid is so darn social and I want him to hold onto his passion for people.  We have taught him about stranger danger, however he solves that problem by saying “Hi, I am Vincent, what is your name?”  If you have any words of wisdom on teaching him appropriate stranger behavior please feel free to leave me a comment.
Updated: August 6, 2008 — 6:22 am
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