A Day of Unselfishness

Vincent is hitting the age of “I want that for my birthday/Christmas gift/Valentines gift….etc.”  Everything even remotely cool he sees he wants.  This turns into selfishness in other areas.  Sharing becomes a thing of the past, the art of taking turns slips ones mind quickly, and soon our house becomes full of angery noises and flat out selfishness.  This morning I decided today would be a day of unselfishness.  I told the kids that all day long they had to try hard to do things for other people.  It must be hard to be 2 and 4 and remember such things.  Me being “teacher mommy” tried hard to implement such thoughts through out our daily activities. 

First I decided we would make the below mentioned SUPER easy peanut butter playdough.  The kids worked together to clean up the multi-purpose snack/activity table to help me get ready.  After the playdough was made the kids were told that they could only eat creations that were given to them.  They had to make creations to give to other people.  Right away Kenniston gave me a cut out heart.  It took Vincent a little while to understand, but once he did he decided that Daddy needed A LOT of cut out creations. 

After that we made paintings for all the grandmothers in our life.  So, check your mail soon…hint hint.

The rest of the day the kids were reminded to think of others, but I think the idea might have been pushed a bit much.  As I read the story of Ruth and Naomi I mentioned how selfless Ruth was to help Naomi out.  Vincent gave me the look as if to say “yeah I have heard this all day long already.”  Ok, so maybe next time I will go a little lighter on the message.  Over all though I think they are understanding more and more.  Just the other day when we were shopping for some boxes for this organization the kids were really excited about giving other kids toys.  So excited in fact they wanted to go home and pick out toys to give to them.  I told them that was very kind and suggested we do that for some other kids. 

I know we have certainly been blessed and I am so glad to know that my kids are eager to pass it on to someone else!

Here is a picture of the creations the kiddos and I made for Daddy:

Updated: November 21, 2008 — 7:15 am
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