A few things to remember…

I have been jotting down memories over the last few weeks (months actually) and time after time I come across these memories. I guess I should actually you know, document them…so I don’t forget them.

Tonight: When we went to drop off the big kids at AWANAs Ruby was very giddy shouting “cubbies cubbies” during our walk inside the church. When I told her she would get to go to Cubbies in a few years, but not tonight she got very upset.

Tonight: While at Starbucks (during AWANAs) Jack would cover his ears when the baristas blended coffee beans. He would look at me and say “noise noise” with a concerned look on his face.

Over the past week or two: Jack has seen pictures of balls and pretended to take them off and throw them with delight.

August 27: Kenniston: “Russians speak rush”

August: Jack going down the big “little kid” water slide @ Great Wolf Lodge

August: Vincent realized that the “Th” in Thomas isn’t said phonetically th, the H is silent.

August: Kennsiston is obsessed with the Lady in the Leaves, part of a game at Great Wolf Lodge. She continues to talk about her to this day.

August: Ruby thinks it is hilarious to avoid kisses.

May 16: Jack: “nigh nigh, I lul ooh”

May: Ruby, while at a friends house Ruby crawled up to the fish tank, signed fish and made the pop sound that fish bubbles make.

While we visited Texas (March through May) the twins both went crazy yelling “torta” (for the word tortilla) every time they saw a Taco Cabana sign (our favorite drive through Mexican place).

May: Kenniston:today while going potty at Baby A’s she said that there was an old picture on the wall. She was referring to some tiles. Some of them were an antiqued style (an old world Mexican style). I asked her how she knew that they were old and she told me because the picture looked all old and it had some old things on it.

One night she told me a story & it went like this:

once upon a time there was a baby boy and his sister named Kenniston. She had a mommy who was named kelly and a daddy named Brian. Brian went to afgahnistan to live so he could work there. Mommy took Jack and kenniston on a trip to Texas. Then kenniston had a birthday party and it was a tea party. zachy and his sister rachel came and so did uncle brad and aunt lara. they gave her a big present and in that present was a tinkerbell light (nana had showed her one tonight before bed)and then kenniston had to go to bed.

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