A Fly on the Wall…

Here are things overheard at our house over the last few weeks:

During dinner a few nights ago Brian was feeling nauseous and dizzy.  Seeing how we aren’t ever going to reproduce any more we joke around about pregnancy in general.  I jokingly whispered “maybe you are pregnant.”
To which Vincent replied “I’M PREGNANT!!!”

“Mommy I am going to enter you.” Vincent (as he is dancing around for me)
“You mean entertain?” Kelly
“No, enter.  Mommy what does entertain mean?” Vincent
“To put on a show that is funny and keep someone occupied.” Kelly
“No, I just want to enter you.” Vincent (as he dances and starts to sing an “enter” song)

While eating muffins and eggs for dinner one night Vincent asked for another muffin, Brian and I couldn’t resist:
“Do you know the muffin man?” Kelly
“The muffin man?” Brian
“The muffin man.” Kelly
“That lives on dreary lane.” Brian
“Yes I know the muffin man.” Kelly
Vincent, smirks and looks away just waiting for his muffin.  It seems he is already done with his parents strange humor, lol.

While playing at the beach:
“Kenniston, don’t play by that drain, it is yucky.” Kelly
“But Mommy that is Captain Hook’s castle.  I need to find Captain Hook.” Kenniston

While wearing her Cinderella Pull Ups
“Mommy I don’t want to fart on Cinderella.” Kenniston

“Well Kenniston, how do you wash the monkeys?” Brian

“Kenniston, we don’t put blocks in the fish tank.” Brian

“Vincent please don’t bite mommy’s bottom.” Brian

“Captian Hook lives right there.” Kenniston
“Right there?  In your curtains?” Kelly
“No Mommy, my curtains are Captain Hook.”  Kenniston

“Not again Jack!” any given person in this house referring to Jack spitting up.

“No Mommy, I don’t want to go to Dreamland, I want to go to Disneyland.” Kenniston

“Mommy when we were driving to the library the other night, I thought we were going to go to the library.” (it turned out the library closed early that day so we couldn’t go) Vincent

“I want some pah after my dinner.” (by the way, pah, is actually pie said in a Texas accent.  They were copying the way mommy said it.) Kenniston

“Mommy I want this for my birthday” (he shows me a picture of a toy he already has) Vincent
“Kiddo you already have that.” Kelly
“Oh, then I want this.” Vincent

“Nana I want you to come to our house.” Vincent on the phone with Nana
“I am in Texas, I am far away.” Nana
“Well you can just walk here still, you can do it Nana, it is ok.” Vincent

Updated: July 29, 2008 — 11:06 pm
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