A glimpse into our home…

We have been a little slow in posting photos of the new trailer. As a photographer, that kind of looks bad. As a homeschooling mom to 4 kiddos (and a family of 6 who just moved out of their 2,000 square foot house and into a trailer), it just seems normal.


So, come on in. As you walk into the trailer (the door is on the right, next to the curtain in this photo), this is what you see:



On the left you see our dining room table. I love how it fits all of us comfortably. We sit around his table more frequently than our table in our Lauren Lea House.

Often times the kids can be found playing Legos or Playmobil around the table as well.


This is our quaint couch area. It is big enough to fit both Brian and I and a kid. It’s nice to be able to chill out with Brian once the kids to go bed.  We often catch the news or Jimmy Fallon. Or play ukulele.



The storage beneath makes my inner OCD really happy!


On the opposite side is our kitchen and the bathroom door, and to the far right is the kids room (ohhh ahhhh, ahem):




One thing that surprised me was the size of the sink. It isn’t as big as our deep double sink in the house, but it is a nice size. Notice we don’t have an electric dishwasher. Thankfully we have 4 manual ones, however. Most days they are super helpful.




The fridge is also small than we are used to. Instead of grocery shopping once a week, we shop every 4 or 5 days. It could be worse.

We also have a small stove top and oven.

Confession: We have yet to figure out how to operate our oven.

Moving right along…

Next to the bathroom door is the kids’ room:




Each kid has their own little area set up. Hopefully soon I can make something for their walls.

Here is Vincent’s bed:




Below is Ruby’s bed:




Then across on top is Kenniston’s bed:




And below is Jack’s bed:





The armoire in the middle holds their clothes. Each bin holds 12-15 outfits, under garments, and pjs. Brian and I added the shelf to the armoire. It was our first “project” in the trailer. I know, I know, it isn’t that big, but it was exciting to us.




So I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Come back next time to see our bedroom, the bathroom, and if we get around to it, the outside.






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