A glimpse of a shopping trip

Just because I know you probably wonder what it is like to go shopping with us.  Just because you probably wondered where it is I put all of those precious children when I do go on an outing.  Just because I wanted to prove that I do indeed leave my house to go on said outings.  Just because I had a cute sling on.  Just because I don’t want to forget these days. 

kids_05.jpg picture by briansillywife

And “just because.”

kids_06.jpg picture by briansillywife

And just because I knew you would ask..yes they are all mine and yes I do have my hands full.

Updated: July 13, 2009 — 10:31 pm

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  1. Wow this looks shockingly familar… like a deja vue of sorts… oh yeah, it’s because I look the same way when I go out. Oh and yes, I get the same questions… I always love to answer when I get “wow you have your hands full” with ” much better then empty!” and keep walking. 🙂

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