A “Labor” post

I found this here at another blog that I read.  Thought you all might enjoy it.  Join along for the fun if you wish!

How long were your labors? 

Kid #1, 3 days. 
Kid #2, 12 minutes
Kids #3 and 4 35 minutes

How did you know you were in labor? 

Kid #1, induced, but my water broke. 
Kid #2, induced and was slow until I reached 6 cm, she arrived 12 minutes later
Kids #3 and 4 induced and contractions hit, once I hit 5 cm it was quick from there! 

Where did you deliver?

With all of them, at a hospital, though the granola in me really wanted a water birth… if I get the chance to be a surrogate I will do so. 

#1 I was given drugs to induce and something to help me sleep (labor was looooong)
#2 The only drugs I had were to induce labor
#3 and 4 The only drugs I had were to induce labor, even then, they turned off pit after an hour because my body went on its’ own. 



Who delivered?

#1 doctor at Samaritan hospital in Watertown NY 

#2 doctor at St Davids in Austin TX (just down the road from where I was born!)

#3 and 4 Brian counted 20 people in the room!  Ruby, baby B, was breech and I chose to deliver via the exit door (instead of a C-section).  In order to do that my doctor (who by the way was AMAZING!) had to do a breech extraction.  After Jack, baby A, came out she reached up in there and grabed Ruby by the feet to bring her down while ANOTHER doctor reached in there to assist.  All the while a 3rd doctor (and the head of L&D I might add) had an ultrasound machine on my belly to make sure all was well inside me.  Let me tell ya, 3 doctors all in me and over me, that was the weirdest feeling ever.  Everyone knew it too, you can hear me in the video say “this is so weird, oh my goodness this is weird.” 

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