A little brag about the big brother

Vincent can at times be somewhat of a turkey, as you all know.  Deep down inside though, he really is a sweet boy.  During Vacation Bible School he learned that God has the power to help as do we.  So, lately Vincent has been eager to help, more so than ever.  Today alone he has given his baby brother and sister their pacifiers when they seemed to need them (for example, when they were crying), put the laptop away, gotten his sisters shoes on, carried stuff in from the van, etc etc.  Yesterday as I was nursing Ruby I looked up to find Vincent trying extremely hard (and carefully)to pick up Jack.  I very calmly asked what it was he was doing.  He told me that he was trying to put Jack into his Bumbo chair because it seemed like he wanted to sit in it.  I walked him through the process and in the end Vincent was very proud of himself.  I love being able to allow him to learn how to be helpful to others!  I love that he is able to learn how to be helpful and most importantly, I love that he is willingly to be helpful.  He is growing into a state of selflessness, a state that even some adults don’t know about.  He makes me proud everyday!
Updated: August 10, 2008 — 11:34 pm
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