A little get away

Every weekend has been spent working on the house. Or spending time with relatives. Or going to an event. Or celebrating a birthday. Or celebrating a Baptism.

Ok, so maybe those last two things only happened one weekend. And the other things aren’t terrible…but still, our weekends have been busy. Our life has been a little busy. I was beginning to feel like we were on a constant routine of school work through out the week and house detail on the weekend. I kind of got lost in the forest, and could no longer see the trees. So to speak. I needed a break and Brian definitely agreed.

When the topic of a beach trip came up, we both decided it was necessary to go. That weekend. Brian made reservations at our favorite beach hotel and I started packing.


Brian got off work early and we were on the road before noon. We made it to Buc-ees for lunch (every good road trip starts with a Buc-ees trip).


We went straight to the beach. The kids put their suits on in the van, grabbed their beach toys, and went directly to the water.


Within 5 minutes Kenniston found a hermit crab. Much to her dismay, she was told it would not be going home with us.


Brian and I sat down and soaked in the rays.


The kids splashed and dug in a carefree way.


Jack frolicked in the lapping beach water.


It was beautiful. It was a much needed breath of fresh air.

That night we ate at our favorite local restuarant, The Boiling Pot. The kids know that the food is spicy and ordered pbj’s. *sigh* They all love a variety of foods, but spicy foods are not quite their thing…yet.


The next day we went to Corpus Christi and visited the USS Lexington, a naval ship turned museum. We climbed all over the ship and learned about it’s past.



Afterwards we hoped over to Port Aransas to spend time on that beach.






I have spent many summers playing on this very beach. I remember being stung by a jelly fish, then wrapped up in a striped beach towel as I recovered. I remember tuna fish sandwiches and pork rinds. I remember playing frisbee with my dad. I remember floating on big silver floats with my mom. I remember building sand castles with my brother. I remember walking along the beach with my friend Karen. We were super cool in our hot pink sunglasses.

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures this trip, but I hope the kids have memories of these beach trips. They may be a quick weekend trip, but I enjoy this time with my family, more than any big festival or huge event. Waking up to find cheap hotel donuts or hearing about a hunt for a geocache with Brian while Ruby and I sleep in. Trying out a new contraption to find ghost shrimp, then finding ONE (seriously, ONE) and laughing about it. Changing from our swim suits into our regular clothes – in the van. Those are the memories I hope our kids have.


Updated: May 6, 2014 — 11:05 pm
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