A little more braggin’ about Vincent

So, I forgot to mention a few things about Vincent. Everytime we go out, he now insists on being a gentleman and holding the door for me.  It is very sweet.  The other morning as we were preparing to leave for PWOC (my Bible study) and VBS (Vacation Bible School) Brian told the kids to head to the van.  Vincent stood at the door holding it for me.  Brian told him that I was getting a baby in their carseat and to go ahead and go to the van.  Vincent insisted on holding the door for me so he continued to stand there.  Brian did not want to argue with him, so he walked to the room to help me out.  When we came back this is what we found:

Vincent stuck the back half of his toy dump truck under the screen door so it held it open for me!  Not only is the kid sweet, he is smart as well! 

Both kids have a thing about picking fllowers for me when we are out and about.  Every time we get home the first thing they do is jump out of the van and grab a clover or dandelion then run over to me and say “here Mommy this flower is for you.”  I am sad to say we got a memo in our door last week.  Our neighborhood is run by Equity Properties who apparently does not care for “weeds.”  They had scheduled a company to spray an enviromentally safe (and kid safe) weed control on our yard.  Just days ago our flowers turned brown and curled up.  The kids have been looking hard for clovers or dandelions to pick everyday.  Even though they aren’t as pretty as say roses, I kinda liked the clovers that my kids picked for me.  If you ever happen to drive in my van with me or stop by my house, if you find a dead dandelion laying around, you now know why.


Updated: August 12, 2008 — 8:24 am

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  1. I’m so glad you explained this!! I’ve looked at it and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on! NOW it makes perfect sense! What a sweet boy! Grandma

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