A recap of our day…in pictures!

After a rough night we got started a little bit late on our day.

By lunch time a sweet baby was doing this:

After a silly big kid left her the opportunity while she looked for this:

He loved wearing this (and signed for it all day):

She loved to sneak this from her big sister any moment she got:

He was found with these two items at any given point in the day:

These two wrestle on her bed in laughter and all:

While this superhero zoomed all over our house:

By this superhero in disguise:

She seemed to follow her brother around in admiration during said zooming period {and at the time was trying to get him to play cars with her}:

A big cave was made by Mommy {who was hoping to get the promised tea party dinner started}:

A baby followed Mommy into the kitchen {she was hoping to help me organize the kid’s cabinet}:

She soon joined and gave me some entertainment while I prepared:

He did NOT want to leave my side:


Tea was served:

Complete with sugar and “creamer” {aka milk}:

He was such a gentleman that he even helped his sister pour:

It wouldn’t have been complete with out him:

Updated: June 25, 2009 — 7:38 am
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