A sneak peek at our Family Pictures

Today an amazing woman named Barb from our church helped us out in a big way.  Barb came to me at church a week ago and told me that she would like to help me out by taking our oldest two kiddos every so often during Brian’s deployment.  WOW!  What a blessing!  She didn’t wait for me to call her, she emailed me!  She mentioned that she had off today and would like to take the kiddos out.  I let her know that Brian hadn’t left yet (he still has a few days left with us), however, we could use her help.  I told her that I needed a “clicker.”  I wanted family pictures.  I have this fabulous camera that I love (and use regularly), but I can’t really get any family shots with myself included.  I asked her if she could come take our family pictures.  I let her know that all she had to do was “click,” as I would set tripod and camera up.  She told us she would gladly do it! 
We met up at a local downtown building called Freighthouse Square.  I knew it had a lot of charm, contrast and great photo ops, and, of course, I had shots in mind already!  Barb was AMAZING!  She not only took pictures, she helped wrangle and calm down the kiddos.  Toward the end she was so great in getting them to coopperate!  I only had one request, that she just kept clicking away (instead of waiting for all of us to look at the camera).  She did just that.  In the hour or so that we were there the two of us took over 300 pictures!  I was so thankful for her help. 

So, with out further adieu, a sneak peek of today’s picture shot:

Now, for these last two…
Freighthouse Square is an old building that now houses a mall type center.  It is one long building that is multi levels and is very *ahem* interesting.  I knew that there were hardwood floors inside and thought I might have the chance to take a few pictures of the twins in their adorable sweater outfits.  Wouldn’t ya know, Jack fell asleep.  I did take the opportunity, however, to take pictures of Ruby.  Let me tell ya, they came out so adorable.  I only took 20, but over half of them came out beautiful (usually I like about 25% or so, maybe).  I guess it helps to have such a beautiful subject…then again, I am slightly biased! 

Oh, and yes, that is my sweet beautiful darling daughter on a public floor with out her shoes.  Don’t you know I doused her sweet feet and hands in Purell afterwards. 

Updated: January 20, 2009 — 7:23 am
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