{a welcomed} cool and gray winter day

I had hoped to work on the garden today, but 50 degrees was just too chilly for me. Instead we took the day to run a few errands and try out a new BBQ place we recently heard about.

It seemed like a drive, but it really was not that bad. We live on the outskirts of Killeen, but it still shocked me when I saw cows. And then horses. And once we pulled into the driveway of the BBQ restaurant, goats. The kids {ahem, ours, not the kids…get it, goats, kids…anyway}loved it right away.

The decor inside was authentic, the owners nice, and the food was good. We headed out to the parking lot with a bag of stale bread that the owner saved for the goats. We spent the next several minutes feeding excited goats. And a llama.

Feed me!

Feeding the goats at Big Hoss BBQ


Updated: February 5, 2012 — 4:40 am
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